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There are many more opinions out there about how to build a better future, than those outlined by Ray Ivany in the quote below.
Certainly offshore and on-shore exploration will harm our future.

For anyone (especially in the Gulf of St Lawrence area )please find time to attend these meetings to speak out against offshore exploration.  We must insist that this government call for a moratorium on offshore exploration in the Gulf of St. Lawrence too.

Please share with your networks:

(Note:  the list of meetings below is not comprehensive, please see the website for other locations)

“Nova Scotia is on the brink of its greatest opportunity in generations. We’ve got the shipbuilding contracts, offshore exploration, construction of the Maritime Link. You drive into Halifax and you see cranes and development all over the city. It’s exciting. But I believe that our local economies throughout Nova Scotia – not just in HRM – can thrive, not simply survive, by understanding these opportunities, and sharing ideas about building a better future.”

– RAY IVANY, Chair of the Nova Scotia Commission on Building our New Economy


Public Meeting Agenda

- Welcome / Introductions

- Setting the Context

- Small Group discussions

- Group reports

- Closing Comments

- Adjourn


Thursday, March 21, 7pm – 9pm

Last Updated by Tyler on Jan 21

Nova Scotia Community College Community Learning Centre

147 Albion St S

Amherst, NS B4H 2X2


Thursday, March 28, 7pm – 9pm

Last Updated by Tyler on Jan 21

Nova Scotia Community College, Salon C-Cafeteria

36 Arthur St

Truro, NS B2N 1X5


Tuesday, April 2, 7pm – 9pm

Last Updated by Tyler on Jan 21

2nd Floor Boardroom, Charles V. Keating Centre, St.FX University

Convocation Blvd

Antigonish, NS B0H 1X0


Wednesday, April 3, 7pm – 9pm

Last Updated by Tyler on Jan 21

Port Hawkesbury Civic Centre

606 Reeves St

Port Hawkesbury, NS B9A 2R9


Thursday, April 4, 7pm – 9pm

Last Updated by Tyler on Jan 21

Membertou Trade and Convention Centre, 50 Maillard Street, Membertou, NS 




Public Consultation for Inverness County Anti-Fracking Bylaw

More than twenty people attended hearings in St. Joseph du Moine

with the majority of people expressing support for the by-law.

More than fifty people attended the public hearing in Inverness

with the vast majority expressing support for the by-law.

Due to weather cancellation meeting in Port Hastings to be rescheduled.



Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to one and all.

We thank everyone for the continued support and pray for the positive thinking around the

environment to grow.

This issue of oil/gas exploration in the Lake Ainslie Watershed is far from finished but with

information regarding protection of water and the environment growing, more and more people

are waking up and speaking out against the destruction of our Planet.


On September 21st 2012 the First Nations people of Canada started a movement called

Idle No More.  At rally's across this Country people came together to protest the Bill C-45. 

We ask that you join up coming events in your area and come together in Unity with our First

Nations.  We also ask, at this time, for your prayers to be sent to Chief Theresa Spence who is

currently in Ottawa fasting since Dec 11th

This is a link to the IDLE NO MORE Movement



Stephen Harper, with his Omnibus Bills, have shown Canadians that he has total contempt for

democracy. Stephen Harper has shown constantly and continually his disdain, disregard and

contempt for the Peoples of Canada, and The Environment, with his blatant continued support of

Big Corporate Interests. Despite the lack of major media outlet coverage, the independent media,

social media, and our voices, will spread the word of his actions

Solidarity is when we are at our strongest. Voice your opinion to your local MP's. Demand action.

Once again our heart felt thank you for your support.



Links to the Protest at Auld's Cove on September 22, 2012. Despite the lack of main stream

media interest, we had over 200 people show up. Our protest has even caused Parker and

Belliveau to write an op-ed piece for the papers. 



 Saturday September 22 from 12 - 3

Our Mi'kmaq brothers and sisters are returning to Auld's Cove to protest

drilling and fracking near Lake Ainslie. We have been asked to join them in

unity.  This is one of 130 + actions planned for the Global Frackdown, an

international day of action to ban fracking. 

Please plan to attend.  Bring a friend!

Carpools are being organized from Antigonish, the North Shore, Halifax and

Inverness County.




August 5, 2012: This was released Friday August 3. It is the decision on the MEA Appeal.


July 28, 2012: There is a four to six week wait before the Judge will make his decision on the

court case of the Margaree Environmental Association verse the Ministry of Environment.



June 21, 2012: Due to scheduling conflicts Jessica will not be able to come to West Lake Ainslie.

She will be in Baddeck on Thursday July 5th at 7pm. The presentation will be at the Baddeck

Volunteer Fire Department's Community Centre.



June 7, 2012:  Timeline


Petroworth has applied for an extension of an exploratory drilling permit in Cape Breton. The company’s permit to drill an oil and gas test well in the Lake Ainslie area expires
July 15.  A spokeswoman for the provincial Energy Department says it’s currently reviewing the application.  Tracy Barron could not say when a decision will be made. The Energy Department would not disclose the length of the requested extension.

This is a good time to call or write the Energy Minister expressing your opposition to granting the extension, and to any oil and gas exploration and development in sensitive ecosystems such as the Margaree-Lake Ainslie Heritage River watershed. 

Energy Minister:  Charlie Parker

Department of Energy
4th Floor, Bank of Montreal Building
PO Box 2664
5151 George Street
Halifax, NS B3J 3P7

Phone: (902) 424-7793
: (902) 424-3265



First reading of a bylaw prohibiting fracking in Inverness County - Council Chambers in Port Hood (tentative time 1:30 p.m)


Court date for Margaree Environmental Association (Halifax) 


An article in All Nova states that Petroworth now plans to drill in September, with the help of a joint venture partner (they don’t say who).





May 25, 2012:   





These are questions that we have been asking for the last year and half..  NO ANSWERS.  Please help make our Provincial Government accountable by sending a letter that includes some or all of them.  The more people who are aware that we are not being fully informed regarding the drilling in Lake Ainslie the more our Government will have to recognize they have been negligent in full disclosure of this project.

We ( the people of Nova Scotia) have constantly heard how the oil and gas industry is going to create an economical recovery for Nova Scotia. I understand one oil/gas well is not an economical recovery but according to Scott Weldon of the Energy department it is the right direction. Therefore, I would like to pose these questions/points to you:

1-     How many oil/gas wells will it take for this economic recovery ?

2-     The “jobs” created will allow those who have gone away to Alberta for employment in the tar sand operation to return in addition no longer will anyone have to leave Nova Scotia and Cape Breton to find a good paying job. How is this helpful for the people who live here presently that are unemployed? If skilled labour is brought back for the jobs created that does nothing for those in that position.

3-     What are the benefits of these oil wells for the residents with employment already?

4-     What is the facts on the other side of the coin of this issue? There is always costs to every benefit.

5-     What about people on fixed income? How are all these wells going to help them when the cost of living goes up?

6-     We know the oil is already slated for the States. How is this going to affect the price of gas at the pumps here is Nova Scotia?

7-     Are all these oil wells going to reduce the cost per liter at our pumps?

8-     What about the average cost of groceries? Is the cost of feeding an average family of four going to go down when all these oil wells go in among some of our best agricultural lands?

9-     The receiving of royalties’ is the other often touted benefit from oil and gas, it will pay for government programs. Which ones will benefit? Or after the royalty holiday granted to the oil companies ends, will the monies just go to pay for the debt?

10-  Is the NDP government putting aside a portion of the royalties to pay for repairs to already poor condition roads that will be even more damaged with the heavy increase in truck traffic?

11-  How are these unconventional oil wells going to reduce our dependence on oil, as well as meet the targets for renewable energy in Nova Scotia?

12-  I would like copies of the NDP government short, mid and long term plans in regard to the onshore oil/gas development.

13-  I would like to see your basic business plan for this economical recovery?

14-  What is the difference between vertical well stimulation and horizontal slick water hydraulic fractionation?

15-  The "frack" review. Is it to see if NS will allow the procedure or is it to set up the so called "industry best practices"?





May 07, 2012: Protect Lake Ainslie rally at the rotary in Port Hastings went really well. The

positive reaction from the public was fantastic. Despite the weather the turn-out was great.

Thank you to everyone who turned out to show support. Apologies to those who attended but

missed the photo op.




April 27-2012 : Protect Lake Ainslie is holding a rally at the rotary in Port Hastings.

With the treat of exploratory drilling still very much a reality:PW still say it plans on drilling in

June 2012. We must continue to raise support for stopping this threat from becoming a reality.

Please join the rally on May 6th, 2012 at 11 am till 1 pm.

Bring your heart, bring your voice, bring your sign, bring a friend.

We need to be heard in Halifax!



April 16, 2012 3:07 PM


Province Extends Hydraulic Fracturing Review


The province is extending the review of hydraulic fracturing to mid-2014 to ensure its review committee has the best information to make informed recommendations.

No hydraulic fracturing will be approved in Nova Scotia during the review.

Energy Minister Charlie Parker and Environment Minister Sterling Belliveau announced the extension today, April 16, to consider technical reviews underway in Canada and the United States.

"I have talked to many Nova Scotians who are concerned about their drinking water and the implications of injecting sand, chemicals and large volumes of water into the earth," said Mr. Parker. "They have questions and concerns and we will take time to learn from jurisdictions with significantly more experience in this area than Nova Scotia."

"It is important that we have the appropriate rules in place around this activity to protect the environment," said Mr. Belliveau. "We want to ensure we are making informed decisions to protect our natural environment, including our water, today and for future generations."

Hydraulic fracturing is a technique used to extract gas and oil from shale by using pressure, chemicals and large volumes of water that has been controversial in Nova Scotia and parts of North America.

No hydraulic fracturing approvals will be granted during the review but traditional oil and gas operations will continue.

The review committee will continue to monitor and share information during the extension. New material will be posted at as it becomes available.











Environment Minister Sterling Belliveau

has rejected the Margaree Environmental Association's (MEA)  preliminary

appeal. MEA is now vowing a full legal appeal.

Donations to assist the Margaree Environmental Association's court case to have the drilling stopped at Lake Ainslie can be mailed to:

Margaree Environmental Association 
c/o Box 49
Margaree Centre Nova Scotia B0E 1Z0

Please note:
-  the donations are not tax deductible.
- The court case is an Appeal under the Environment Act.


The Province of Nova Scotia has an on-shore agreement with Petroworth Resources Inc. Petroworth's oil/gas exploration and development rights spread over the 383,000 acre area called the "Ainslie Block," indicated in red. Petroworth plans on drilling a vertical petroleum well into a sandstone/conglomerate geological formation at Mac Isaac Point in West Lake Ainslie, Nova Scotia and have announced their desire to drill into a shale formation at another, undisclosed location. Mac Isaac Point extends into Lake Ainslie, the largest freshwater lake in Nova Scotia. Lake Ainslie is a section of the Margaree-Lake Ainslie Heritage River, or part of "the Canadian Heritage Rivers System, established in 1984 by federal, provincial and territorial governments to conserve rivers with outstanding natural, cultural and recreational heritage, to give them national recognition, and to encourage the public to enjoy and appreciate them". The Margaree-Lake Ainslie Heritage River is home to one of the strongest, healthiest Atlantic Salmon runs in North America. The environment is home to copious wildlife, unique transitional forests, livestock and people.The economy of the area is reliant on services, fisheries, hard and softwood forestry, agriculture and vigorous tourism.

A number of concerns have been raised about Petroworth's development of the Mac Isaac Point site, including: the proximity of homes to the proposed well, the imminent pollution of the air, water & ground, the lack of government/industry accountability, due diligence & transparency, the threat to health & public safety, and a host of other social, economic and political issues. We ask you to view the information herein and come to your own conclusions about oil and gas drilling in the "Ainslie Block".

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